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AIEP - Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency Program


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What is the Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency Program?
With grant money awarded through the State Department of Water Resources, Rancho California Water District is helping its agricultural customers to pay for irrigation system retrofits. For this program, up to 50% of approved equipment costs can be provided for successful retrofits.


1. All information will be discussed in advance with all paperwork signed and submitted to the TEAMRCD prior to the scheduling of an audit appointment and prior to an auditor arriving at your location. No work will be conducted without properly signed documentation and information as to what work will occur during the audit.

2. Please note that all property owners or their representatives must sign a Liability Waiver in order for our auditors to enter the property and commence with their work. No work can commence without the signed liability waiver granting permission for our auditors to enter your property.

3. The cost of the audit itself is free to the landowner. However, the Rancho Water District will only pay for 50% of your APPROVED irrigation system retrofit and actual equipment costs. Labor costs are additional and not covered by the TEAMRCD or RCWD policy or program. Please make sure you or your representative has a full understanding of what portion of this program is reimbursable to the landowner prior to changing out your irrigation system.

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 4. Please be clear on the information you are providing to our representative.  We are often asked to do an additional audit while we are out in the field at the last minute which may be adjacent or close by the existing audited property.  Please note that the auditors will only do an audit on the property that is scheduled and cannot add additional property audits without prior authorization and paperwork. If you have additional properties, please address this with our representative when filling out your audit application.. This may require filling out two or three different applications depending on the number of properties you wish to have audited.

5. Once all the information and paperwork is processed you or your designated representative will be contacted by the TEAMRCD representative to arrange an appointment to come out and conduct the audit.  Due to the amount of audits that have been requested, we may be asking you for several different dates that may work for both the auditor and yourself in order to maximize convenient times for all people requesting audits.

6. Once the audit is completed, we will create a report with all the appropriate information necessary to submit to the RCWD for reimbursement and recommendations for water savings on your property.

7. Once your audit is completed you will be asked to contact the RCWD in order to complete the reimbursement process.


8. The TEAMRCD audit representative will be more than happy to walk you through the Water Efficiency program paperwork process and help you with any questions you may have. Should you require further information regarding the reimbursement program, we will be more than happy to put you in contact with the representative from the Rancho Water District.

If you are interested in having a water audit at your property, please download and submit your completed forms below. 

Water Audit Info Form.pdfWater Audit Liability Waiver.pdf


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