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Avocado Rootstock Upgrades

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Avocado Rootstock Upgrades

If you own a property with already existing Avocado trees on it, this program involves the removal of mature avocado trees that are currently being irrigated to levels necessary for crop production and replaced with juvenile trees containing the latest salt tolerant and disease resistant rootstocks. Trees that are very mature, make it impossible for crews to pick fruit in the upper limbs and so often that fruit is left unpicked and therefore a loss for the owner. Replacement of the trees provides a new opportunity to get new rootstock and better access when the trees begin to bear fruit. Up to $6,000 per acre is available for these project types!

Find out more about the program and apply online for pre qualification with the Ranch California Water District here RCWD Avocado Rootstock Upgrades.

The USDA also has a grant program to reimburse landowners who grind up their old trees and use the mulch around the new trees.  Land owners interested in applying should contact to apply for 2022.

Once you recieve your pre qualification from RCWD, download and submit your completed liability form to TEAM RCD below to schedule your pre inspection audit

Avocado Rootstock Liability Waiver.pdf


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